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Monday, June 11, 2012

Free download of “Lonesome Cove” for the Kindle


“Lonesome Cove” is the fourth novel in the Terry Rankin series. I won’t be writing another until some time next year, since I’m tied up with two other projects right now.

This free download will be available for two days only – the 13th and 14th of June (that’s this Wednesday and Thursday), and I would dearly love to see several thousands of downloads during that period. Please help me out with this and repost this, or copy/paste this post into an email and send it off to every literate person you know (even if they don’t have a Kindle; they might know someone who does).

And if you are receiving this in an email, please forward it to everyone in your Address Book.

I have one last request for you before we get to the nitty-gritty; please take the time to post reviews for me. If you’ve read of my other novels, please post a review, and certainly for “Lonesome Cove”. It’s a great story, and potential readers always look at the reviews before they invest in an author they haven’t read before.


But it is a heck of a story:

Terry Rankin isn’t so sure about his new client, Gianni Lupo. Gianni is an old man, just released from prison after serving the full twenty-five years of a Life sentence for a double murder in Miami. But Terry figures the man’s paid for his crime and now he’ll spend his declining years tottering around his home on Sanibel Island. Terry isn’t sure why Lupo feels the need for armed bodyguards, but what can go wrong? After all, it’s been twenty-five years.

And three tons of gold is still missing…

Here’s the link to the book page on Amazon.com:


Remember to verify that the Kindle purchase price is $0.00 before you click the Buy button!

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